Church History Workshops

A Brief Introduction to Presbyterian History, Polity & Government

This workshop provides some general information about Presbyterianism: what does it mean to be Presbyterian? How did we get here? What do we stand for? What is the story of the Presbyterian Church in Canada?

A Brief Introduction to Christian Denominations

This workshop provides some basic information about when and how different denominations began, and how they differ from one another, with a special focus on Presbyterians. It complements the Why So Many Denominations? workshop by exploring the beginnings and development of some of today’s denominations.

Why So Many Denominations?

If we believe in one church, then why do we find so many denominations? This workshop offers five reasons: geography, politics, specific focus or mission, theology, and diversity, tracing Christianity’s growth and spread from its earliest days to the present. It complements the A Brief Introduction to Christian Denominations workshop.