Bible Workshops

Deepen Your Knowledge of the Bible

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • how did we get the Bible?
  • How do all the books fit together?
  • Why do people interpret the Bible so differently?
  • With so many translations, versions, and paraphrases available – which Bible should you be using?


Well, I offer several workshops exploring these questions.  In-person workshops  last about 3 hours; virtual workshops last 1 to 2 hours (2 sessions may be required to cover 1 in-person workshop). Some of these topics have been dealt with in my YouTube videos (contact me for specific links) and “The Questioning Pastor” Facebook page (

Understanding the Bible: The Understanding the Bible workshop looks at the history of how the Bible (both Old and New Testaments) came to be recognized as being the Word of God. This includes some discussion of when they were written, and how they came to be considered as Scripture – and why other books were excluded.

Interpreting the Bible: The Interpreting the Bible workshop looks at the different ways people interpret the Bible and shows how faithful Christians can come up with completely different interpretations of the text. Participants will learn about the different schools of interpretation (e.g., “Conservative,” “Liberal,” and “Fundamentalist”) and how each approaches some contemporary topics/issues without favouring one position over another.

The Bible: Translations & Versions: The The Bible: Translations & Versions hands-on workshop examines the many translations / versions & paraphrases that exist, discussing differences among them and giving participants tools to evaluate which ones are authoritative or better than others.